Marketing Resources Bundle

Want to become a better insights marketer?

We've put together a collection of some of our favorite marketing resources for you to download from our Better Marketing series and Insights Marketing Day events.

The marketing resources bundle includes:

  • [VIDEO] Client Panel: What Clients REALLY Think of Your Marketing
  • [PDF] Marketing for MRX: How Do You Measure Up? (Lucy Davison of Keen as Mustard Marketing)
  • [PDF] 7 Steps to the Perfect Sales & Marketing Plan (Steve Henke of Harpeth Marketing)
  • [PDF] Marketing Automation is Not Out of Anyone's League (Christophe Ovaere of ZappiStore)
  • [BLOG POST] 6 Simple Email Marketing Best Praces (Lauren Tilden of GreenBook)
  • [PDF] The Future of Social Media (Priscilla McKinney of Little Bird Marketing)

and more!